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Wooden Baby Block with All the Facts $35.00

Baby Block

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Wooden Baby Block with All the Facts
  • Sweet little wooden baby block can commemmorate a variety of occasions - new baby, baptism, bris, first Christmas or Hannukah, birthday, etc.
  • It is a tiny 1.75 inches cubed, but makes a big visual impact showcased on a shelf in baby's room.
  • Your block will feature six pieces of important information that you supply and little motifs are sprinkled in for added visual impact.
  • The following are examples of the ways in which the block can be designed:
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you

For New Baby Block:

Side 1: Inital
Side 2: Name (First, Middle, Last)
Side 3: Parents Names (Mother, Father)
Side 4: Date (Date, Hospital, City, State)
Side 5: Statistics (Weight, Length, Time)
Side 6: Custom Message

Choice of themes include stars, hearts, and baby feet. This theme will be used on sides 2, 3, 4, and 6.

For Baptism Block:

Side 1: Inital Side 2: Name (First, Middle, Last)
Side 3: Baptized on (Baptism Date)
Side 4: Location (Church, City, State)
Side 5: Baptism Image (Choose 1)
Side 6: Custom Message

For First Christmas Block:

Side 1: Inital
Side 2: Name (First, Middle, Last)
Side 3: Baby's First Christmas and Year (Year)
Side 4: Christmas Year Image
Side 5: Christmas Image
Side 6: Custom Message

Please Specify the details for your block, side by side (as above) in the special instructions area of the order form.


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Wooden Baby Block

Wooden Baby Block with All the Facts

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