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Embroidered and Personalized Custom Wedding Ideas

With Peg's extensive sewing experience, your imagination is the limit to your custom wedding embroidery possibilities. Take a look at some of the beautiful custom work she has done for clients around the world. From a surprise proposal to a family remembrance, Initial Impressions embroidery can help customize an intimate experience.
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custom engagegment pillow
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  • The Surprise Proposal
Rebecca suspected something was up when her boyfriend suggested they go away for a long weekend to a romantic destination. Every time they went to dinner she wondered, "Is he going to propose?" But he didn't.

She was rather disappointed when they boarded the plane to return home. Her boyfriend slouched down in his tiny airplane seat and prepared to go to sleep. But he was restless. He rang the call attendant button and asked for a pillow.

When the flight attendant returned with a pillow he had slouched all the way down to one knee. He took the pillow and asked Rebecca to marry him. Tucked in the little pocket (and tied securely with the ribbon!) was the ring of her dreams.

When they de-planed both families were waiting with flowers and balloons to celebrate the new engagement.

Peg worked closely with the client to define what he wanted and to fabricate this pillow. She sourced the materials, made the pillow, and sent it off to its romantic work.
Initial Impressions custom wedding embroidery
  • Matching Personalized Flower Girl Basket
The flower girl's dress was hand made to match the colors of the wedding. Peg then took the remaining lace and trim and crafted the custom basket shown here, embroidered with the bride and groom's name, and the wedding date. It remains a charming keepsake of their very happy day.
custom flower girl basket
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Initial Impressions custom wedding embroidery
custom embroidered wedding gift box
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  • Personalized Wedding Gift Box
The wedding guest had hand-knit a lovely blue angora afghan blanket for the newlyweds. However, she was concerned about keeping this gossamer gift looking its best, and wanted a first-class presentation.

Peg matched the embroidery thread to the blanket and embroidered the white lining. She then hand-inserted the lining to the top and bottom of the simple wicker lidded basket. The newlyweds were thrilled with the gift, and keep the blanket, and its basket, in a conspicuous place on the hearth in their formal living room.
Initial Impressions custom wedding embroidery
  • Personalized Wedding Nightie
The bride's sister found a beautiful negligee in France that needed only one more touch to make it perfect. The nightie was made sweeter with the addition of matching personalization by Peg which coordinates perfectly with the roses, the bride's spring wedding theme.
custom wedding nightie
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Initial Impressions custom wedding embroidery
custom embroidered wedding bridesmaid gift
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  • Personalized Bridesmaid's Spa Towels
Off to the spa!
The bride found towels with a gingham border, which coordinated with her black and white gingham bridesmaids' dresses, and even better these towels were available in each bridesmaid's favorite color. The coloration was thoughtful, but this bride wanted things more personal still. She contacted Peg and sent in the towels to have the bridemaids' names embroidered on the bath towels and hand towels. After Peg sent back the personalized towels the girls were off to the spa for a day of girl-time to remember, and a beautiful towel to remember it by!
Initial Impressions custom wedding embroidery
  • Personalized Bridal Party Slumber Party
Another Spa Day, this one was hosted at the Bride's house. The Mother of the Bride knew all the bridesmaids nearly as well as the Bride herself did, and she wanted to make the slumber-party spa-night special. She contacted Peg to have these custom spa towels and slippers made up. She called Peg to thank her when they arrived - she was so impressed!
custom bridal party spa
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