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Embroidered and Personalized Gifts for Flowergirls

A personalized embroidered wedding gift can help commemorate the happiest of days. Members of the bridal party will love our beautiful and useful embroidered gifts. Because we are a smaller company with very high standards we can help you craft a perfect personalized gift, within your budget.

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  • Personalized Terry Flowergirl Towels
  • The bridesmaids would love a plush personalized towel, perhaps with an embroidered design version of their bouquets, and of course, their own names - a gift they will use!
  • The groomsmen are sure to enjoy a personalized towel with their names and a sports motif, or perhaps just a subtle monogram
  • A personalized towel would make the perfect feature in a pamper kit for attendants who travelled to your wedding
  • Even the flower girl could have a personalized useful gift, like this flower girl design from our wedding designs which was done in the bride's colors
  • See more towels which can be custom personalized

Embroidered Towels for Flowergirls

Personalized embroidered bridesmaid towels
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Personalized Flowergirl Getting Ready Wrap

girl's shower wrap
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  • Personalized Flowergirl Getting Ready Wrap
  • Wouldn't it be fun to get ready together in matching shower wraps?
  • Affordable bridesmaid gift is perfect for the wedding day and beyond
  • In this personalized gift your maids can get made up and do their hair, then slip into their gowns without mussing any of it
  • Personalize in your wedding colors, or your bridesmaid's favorite!
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  • Personalized Flowergirl Poem Hankie
  • Originally intended for golf, we've found these towels useful for any athlete
  • Custom personalized, your groomsman is sure to love them! You'll love the personalized gift at an affordable price
  • The hook and grommet allows the towel to be hung from a gym bag. It then dries completely and stays fresh longer, if you know what I mean...
  • Consider his name, plus one of our sports designs, or just a subtle monogram

Personalized Flowergirl Poem Hankie

flower girl poem hankie
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Embroidered Personalized Flowergirl Doll

kelly doll
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  • Personalized Embroidered Flowergirl Doll
  • Starting at just $6.00, our towels make an affordable personalized gift for your bridesmaids
  • A bridemaid gift you know each girl can use, an embroidered kitchen towel will remind her every day of you and the fun you two had together
  • Personalize for her interests, or use a motif from your wedding activities - we have a wine glass for your wine and cheese party, cooking utensils for your bachelorette party cooking lesson, embroidered bouquets which could match hers, and more - the personalization options are endless!
  • For the bridesmaid whose idea of cooking is to call the caterer, we have a swank martini glass design!
  • See more kitchen towels which can be custom personalized
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  • Personalized Crayon Keeper Apron
  • A classy yet sporty gift for everyone on your team!
  • Perfect for a BBQ, or tailgating at the big game
  • He can snuggle with his own sweetie and cheer on his team, what guy could be happier?
  • This gift is especially nice because it is personalized for each groomsman, yet each man gets the same gift - the best of both worlds!
  • For a guy's night out, include tickets to a local game in your gift card. You'll have the memories and the blanket for a tangible memento
  • See more throw blankets which can be custom personalized

Personalized Crayon Keeper Apron

crayone keeper apron
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Embroidered Personalized Honorary Flower Girl Toy

honorary flower girl toy
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  • Personalized Embroidered Honorary Flower Girl Toy
  • For your youngest flower girl, a sweet bridal satin tactile toy
  • These have an embroidered flowergirl flower, her name and the words "honorary flower girl"
  • Available in fine white or ivory bridal satin
  • We can even use ribbons in your wedding colors
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