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Embroidered and Personalized Gifts for Ringbearers

A personalized embroidered wedding gift can help commemorate the happiest of days. Members of the bridal party will love our beautiful and useful embroidered gifts. Because we are a smaller company with very high standards we can help you craft a perfect personalized gift, within your budget.

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  • Personalized Terry Ringbearer Towels
  • Take a nice towel and add an embroidered design to reflect your ringbearer's special interest and you have the perfect ringbearer gift for your wedding.
  • See more towels which can be custom personalized

Embroidered Towels for Ringbearers

ringbearer towel
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Personalized Crayon Keeper Apron

crayon keeper apron
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  • Personalized Crayon Keeper Apron
  • Adorable child's apron with our own crayon keeper pocket for your flowergirl or ringbearer
  • Give them a special job for wedding preparation as they wear this apron
  • An Initial Impressions exclusive!
  • Includes eight Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons. These crayons are encased in plastic and twist up to expose more crayon. No sharpening, no breakage.
  • Aprons available:
    • White with white eyelet fabric pocket and lacy embroidery detail around the pocket edge. The white apron is a sweet and creative and useful gift for a flower girl gift.
    • Navy with multi-color crayon-like fabric pocket with tailored detail (no lacy detail). The navy, colorful apron is suitable for either girl or boy.
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  • Personalized Ringbearer Poem Handkerchief
  • An exquisitely soft and supple linen hankerchief with a beautiful hem
  • A classic blank slate for our sweet ringbearer poem
  • The poem is embroidered as shown (in the brody lettering style). It is a good choice for small lettering.
  • Destined to be a treasure

Personalized Ringbearer Poem Handkerchief

ringbearer hankie
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Embroidered Personalized Honorary Ringbearer Toy

honorary ringbearer toy
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  • Personalized Embroidered Honorary Ringbearer Toy
  • For your youngest ringbearer - an honorary keepsake of his important position
  • This is a ribbon edged satin tactile toy with wedding rings, his name, and honorary ring bearer embroidered.
  • Features fine quality bridal satin and a variety of ribbons. We can even use your wedding colors in the ribbons if you'd like
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