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Embroidered Colorful Flour Sack Kitchen Dishtowel

embroidered personalized dishtowel

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  • Custom Vivid Flour Sack Dishtowel
  • Transform a plain flour sack towel into Functional Art!
  • Bright, colorful cotton flour sack fabric is lint-free and makes a wonderful towel for drying glass
  • This also makes a great bar towel, before there were paper towels these practical long-lasting towels were the all-purpose solution
  • Flour sack kitchen towel features a narrow hem on four sides, measures 30"x30"
  • Full embroidery options, a blank canvas for your creativity.
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you
  • Colors available:
    • Watermelon Red Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Harvest Gold Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Royal Blue Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Kiwi Green Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Aqua Blue Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Lime Green Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Rose Pink Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Tangerine Orange Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Linen Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Cream Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Forest Green Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Sage Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Navy Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Olive Green Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Burgundy Flour Sack Dishtowel
    • Chocolate Brown Flour Sack Dishtowel
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Colorful Flour Sack Cotton Dishtowel

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