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Embroidered Memory Cotton Waffleweave Kitchen Dishtowel Souvenir
$23.00, complete

embroidered memory tea towels

  • Cotton Waffleweave Memory Dishtowel Souvenir
  • For those of us who like to collect tea towels from important events in our lives or places we have visited
  • These towels can commemorate any special event - birth, Christening, birthday, graduation, new pet adoption, marriage, special anniversary, holidays together, new home, new job, retirement, special trips, amazing accomplishments, survivor.
  • We will work together to find the perfect design for your towel from my library of over 80,000 designs - not all of which are shown on the website of course - just email or call and tell me about your special event to be honored.
  • This is a great way to have a souvenir that is practical and fun to display too
  • Generous 20 " by 28 "
  • I can also offer the white flour sack towel if you would like to substitute that
  • Handy hidden loop for hanging in your kitchen
  • A very convenient gift item
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you
  • Concept and Style Ideas:
  • Colors available:
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Waffleweave Cotton Dishtowel

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