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Embroidered Handmade Pleated Eyelet and Ribbon Burpie

pleated eyelet burpie

  • Personalized Handmade Pleated Eyelet and Satin Ribbon Burpie
  • Custom made by Peg!
  • Made from a soft and absorbent diaper (100% cotton) which is designed to prevent leak-through!
  • Easy care machine wash and dry, beautifully crafted
  • Beautiful 3 inch wide pleated eyelet trim
  • Eyelet beading with beautiful satin ribbon woven through and carefully secured.
  • Embroider with one or two names
  • Made in America!
  • $25 complete
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you
  • Colors available:
    • Pale Pink ribbon Burpie
    • Dark Pink ribbon Burpie
    • Light Blue ribbon Burpie
    • Dark Blue ribbon Burpie
    • Green ribbon Burpie
    • Lavender ribbon Burpie
    • White ribbon Burpie
    • Red ribbon Burpie
      diaper burpie detail
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Pleated Eyelet and Ribbon Diaper Burpie

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