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Personalized Satin Blanket

satin baby blanket

  • Handmade Two-Sided Satin Blanket
  • Here by customer request, this blanket is an Initial Impressions exclusive
  • Soft and sumptuous to the touch it is destined to be baby's favorite
  • This baby blanket is made of two layers of high quality washable flannel-backed satin and is available in 3 sizes and a multitude of color combinations, including bright, colorful choices
  • The fabric is cool and soothing to the touch, but the drape is soft and flowing
  • The blanket is double top-stitched for that special detailing and durability
  • The size choices give you flexibility for many purposes. The huge 56"x56" blanket will be wonderful as a large playmat. The 28"x43" size will make a perfect crib blanket. The smallest 14"x28" blanket is a convenient take along size
    • 56"x56" $75.00
    • 28"x43" $44.00
    • 22"x28" $25.00
  • The standard blanket is made in single color satin for both sides, but because this is an Initial Impressions exclusive, we can do custom color combinations by special order. Exciting color combinations such as red/purple, periwinkle/butter yellow, bright purple/lavender, and hot pink/bright purple will be interesting for baby and a wonderful color palate on which to add an embroidery design. A design suggestion is to pick to complementary colors and then an embroidery design that includes at least one of the colors of the blanket fabric. Some examples of that would be:
    1. a pink and lavender blanket with the G12 butterfly design
    2. a red and yellow blanket with the B14 fire engine design
    3. a red and blue blanket with the C05 bright train design
    4. a pink and blue blanket with the F41 tearose trio design
    Let your creativity direct you - but those are some possibilities!
  • Great blanket for Swaddling - snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth and security.
  • For custom color combination requests, please specify in the special instructions the two colors of satin you prefer, and on which color side you want the embroidery to appear. Custom orders may take a bit longer for completion
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you
  • Available Colors:
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Handmade Satin Baby Blanket

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